Unicorn Coloring Pages

Unicorn coloring pages to print for – free

Today there are many stories that feature unicorns. There are also cuddly toys in a unicorn design and of course films and series about the special horse . For children, unicorns are often a kind of childhood hero. Thus, coloring pictures with unicorns have a high motivational value for children. We’ll show you why it makes sense to devote yourself to this hobby together with your child. And we show which materials you need for coloring unicorn coloring pages.

Why it is worth coloring in unicorn pictures with your children

Coloring pages with unicorns have a high motivational value for children. The mystical beings can be designed in the most colorful colors. Because there are no clear rules about what a unicorn should look like, the design of coloring pictures with unicorns stimulates the imagination of children. Coloring in coloring pages also trains your child’s fine motor skills. The correct grip of the pen and adherence to limits are trained. These skills are crucial for later school entry. Also, with the many different colors they use, color naming can be practiced.
Together with your child, coloring pictures of a unicorn is a great activity that you can do on rainy days or when you are bored.

Which utensils you need for coloring pictures with unicorns

So that you can have a lot of fun coloring unicorns together, it makes sense to have all the materials ready beforehand. Organize a painting pad to protect your table. For smaller children, we also recommend a painting smock, which prevents paint from getting on clothing.

Younger children paint coloring pictures with unicorns best with good wax crayons. With these you don’t have to press down hard to get a colorful result. In addition, crayons are thicker, so they are easier for small children to grasp. Make sure to buy good quality pens because they don’t break easily.

Older children can paint with colored pencils. There are thin and thick versions that can be used to design coloring pages with unicorns. Thick colored pencils don’t break off easily. Here, too, you should buy good pens so that your child can enjoy painting unicorn coloring pictures for a long time and the colors are strong and clearly visible. So you see: It doesn’t take a long preparation to color unicorn coloring pages with your child.

Unicorn Coloring Pages

Fantasy creatures like the unicorn have already cast a spell over many children. As a loving and clever mythical creature, it appears very often in stories and films. You can download our coloring pages of unicorns and pegasuses for free, print them out and color them with crayons or your watercolors. If you have fun, you can then cut out the coloring page and paste it into a fantasy picture.

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