Nightmare Before Christmas Coloring Pages

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Nightmare before Christmas: Coloring pages

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One of the world’s greatest film-noir phenomena; We are faced with one of the now legendary productions of mad-genius Tim Burton: “The Nightmare Before Christmas”… In the movie, the events that take place in Halloweentown, the dynasty of Pumpkin King Jack Skellington, are handled. Resembling a town out of nightmares, Halloweentown has a “dynamic” population of elves, demons, fairies, spirits, ghouls and bats. Jack’s road ends up in Christmastown one day. As a result of his visit to this strange land, he is very impressed by this strange place. Emulating what he sees in Christmastown, he kidnaps Santa Claus to make his city look like it. Taking Santa’s place, Jack begins to distribute alternative gifts to the children in his own way. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” was nominated for an Oscar for best special effects, but lost to Babe.