How and When to Plant an Apple Sapling? Growing, Care and Prices of Apple Saplings

“Apple is one of the fruits that everyone loves to eat. Many people from small to large enjoy this fruit, which attracts attention with its different colors and taste. How and when to plant an apple sapling for you? What are the cultivation, maintenance and prices of apple saplings? Here are all the curious details. “

Those who want to grow seedlings generally choose common fruits. Apple is one of the most common fruits. There are many varieties of apples. Generally, hard juicy apples are more preferred.

What is Apple Sapling?

Apple sapling is a type of sapling used to grow apples. Thanks to the apple sapling, you have the chance to grow very delicious apples. Since there are many people who love apples, the demand for apple saplings continues to increase day by day.

How to Plant an Apple Sapling?

The land should be made suitable before planting apple saplings. For this reason, it is very important to clean the land. After the detailed cleaning, it should be checked whether the soil is suitable for apple fruit. The reason for this is to ensure that the planted seedlings hold successfully.

After the suitable soil is determined, excavation is done. Saplings are planted in these pits by opening a depth of 25-30 cm. Then, the seedlings are covered with soil enough to pass the roots a little. After this stage, the seedlings will be planted appropriately.

When and in which month is the apple tree planted?

The best time to plant apple seedlings is from the beginning of autumn until the buds appear in the spring. In some regions, you can plant apple saplings in the spring. In terms of months, November and April are quite suitable for apple seedlings. Of course, the situation may be different for some apple saplings. These apple seedlings can be planted in any month of the year.

How to Care for Apple Saplings?

Apple seedlings should be taken care of without interruption. Otherwise, you will not get a yield from the seedlings planted. Especially calcareous, sandy and humus soils are quite suitable for apple saplings. It is useful to adjust the balance of these well.

For better cultivation of the apple tree, you can use various fertilizers. With these fertilizers, the soil will become more fertile. An important point is to get rid of harmful insects. You can get rid of these insects, which can harm the seedlings, with various drugs. Note that these drugs are harmless to fruits.

In How Many Years Does an Apple Sapling Yield Fruit?

Planted apple saplings begin to bear fruit in 1-2 years. After about 5 years, the amount of fruit increases and reaches a regular level.

Apple Sapling Growing Tips

– Be sure to choose the most suitable soil for apple seedlings,

– Take care to space the seedlings apart,

– Utilize fertilizers to grow more efficient crops,

– Make watering regularly and without interruption.

How Much Are the Average Prices of Apple Saplings?

Apple saplings can start from approximately 30 TL and go up to 100 TL and above. The price differences are seen depending on the type and age of the apple. Saplings with valuable species and high fruit yield are sold at higher prices.

Are There Apple Sapling Types?

There are many varieties of apple saplings. With these varieties, you can get the apple saplings you want.

-Pink Lady
-Fuji Zhen Aztec
-Buckeye Gala
-Granny Smith
-Golden R.
-Scarlet Spur
-Golden Delicious

How to Propagate Apple Saplings?

Seeds are needed to propagate apple saplings. You can get new seeds for this, or you can get seeds from the fruits that come out of the saplings you plant.

When to Prune an Apple Sapling?

It is beneficial to prune the apple regularly. Pruning time, on the other hand, is the resting time, which usually occurs after fruiting.

How Long Should the Planting Distance of Apple Saplings Be?

Apple sapling slice spacing should not be too close. Since the apple will branch and expand when it grows, you need to adjust the appropriate distances well.

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