The peach tree is a tree that can give great satisfaction to those who grow it, both in the income orchard and in a family garden.

If you want to insert this crop, you usually start by planting a seedling purchased in the nursery or grafted in person for the more experienced.

It is a fairly disease-prone plant, which is why it is important to choose a fairly resistant variety, suitable for organic cultivation.

The moment of transplanting the peach tree is important because the young plant must take root and is therefore at a time when it is more delicate, it is important to choose the right period and take care of the sapling with adequate irrigation.

How To Plant a Peach Tree


The planting of the peach tree can take place during a good part of the year, it is generally recommended to do it between autumn and spring, therefore from October to March. The most suitable month is generally the month of February , a period in which the vegetative activity of the tree has not yet resumed but the winter frosts are behind us. In colder climates you can expect March, while where the climate is mild you can indifferently plant the bare root sapling throughout the winter period.


From the point of view of the climate, the peach tree is particularly afraid of spring frosts, but it resists frost very well in the winter period. This plant requires good sun exposure and shelter from the wind.

Due to its sensitivity to diseases, the soil should be loose and draining, even if the choice of the right rootstock can make the tree more tolerant even in compact soils.

It is also necessary to avoid planting the peach tree in a calcareous soil, since the high pH can cause problems, inhibiting the absorption of iron.


The peach plants are placed at different distances depending on the form of cultivation that is chosen and the rootstock: if the plants are grafted on a dwarfing base they can be closer together, while a free rootstock will produce more cumbersome trees. On average, it is best to keep each peach tree 4-6 meters away from other plants, hedges or buildings.


The planting operation of the peach tree does not differ from that of most fruit plants: it essentially consists in digging a hole in which to place the bare root plant.

  • Digging the hole . The hole in which to put the peach plant must have a size of at least 50 cm, both in diameter and in depth. These measures can be varied in relation to the structure of the soil: the more compact the soil is, the more important it is to make a large hole, in order to move more earth and leave the young roots an easy environment to penetrate.
  • Deep earth and shallow earth . During the excavation it is necessary to keep the earth separated by the first 15 centimeters from the deep one: different microorganisms live in the soil and if you mix them up you risk killing many of them, preserving microscopic life means maintaining the fertility of the soil. It will not be difficult to throw the first part of earth on one side with the shovel and then the rest on the other.
  • Cleaning of the earth and fertilization. We remove stones and roots from the ground before putting it back in the hole. We mix organic fertilizer to the earth to put back in the hole. The fertilizer must be mixed with the most superficial layer of earth, mature manure or compost can be used.
  • Harnessing. The roots of the bare root plant can be immersed in a bucket containing water, manure and sand, this stimulates rooting.
  • Placing the plant and filling the hole . You begin to fill the hole before laying the seedling. The plant should be placed at the correct depth, with the graft point visible above ground level. The peach rod must be placed in the hole, taking care not to damage the roots and to keep the tree straight. We then proceed by finishing the filling of the hole with earth, after this operation it is compacted by trampling the ground.


Immediately after planting the young peach tree it is necessary to irrigate it, in the first weeks after transplanting it is advisable to wet it regularly and in general it is advisable to be careful throughout the first year that the soil does not dry out too much. The adult plant is more rooted and therefore able to find water, it benefits from irrigation to improve productivity, while for young peach trees water can be vital.


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