Christmas Coloring Pages Printable

Coloring pages for Christmas

Free coloring pages for christmas. Coloring pages for kids on Christmas related topics, for example Santa Claus, candles, bells, Christmas tree and much more.

Have fun printing and coloring these free coloring pages and coloring pages!

All coloring pages shown below can be freely used for non-commercial purposes. You can copy images as you like, be it a private person, primary/school, kindergarten or similar.

When the days get shorter and the Christmas season slowly announces itself, children always have a lot of fun painting and making Christmas motifs. On this coloring page we have prepared various Christmas coloring pages for you to color in. You can print out the free coloring pages as a PDF file and paint them with great colors. The coloring pages have the themes of Christmas bells, Christmas trees, gifts, Christmas crib and Santa Claus with his reindeer.

Christmas Coloring Pages Printable


Coloring picture Santa Claus

On this coloring picture you can discover Santa Claus with his friend the snowman. The presents are already ready for the children. Snowflakes are falling from the sky and Christmas is not far away. What Santa Claus needs now, so that it is a wonderful Advent season, are many great colors. Print out the free coloring page and use your crayons to paint it for Christmas.


Coloring picture Christmas tree

The Christmas tree on this coloring picture is already festively decorated with Christmas balls and Christmas tree decorations. The presents are also ready to be given to the children. Print out this free coloring page with the Christmas tree, the teddy bear and the rocking horse and give it a very special shine with your colored pencils or glitter pens.

Santa Claus coloring pages

Santa Claus kindly lifts his hand and wishes all children a “Merry Christmas”. He’s holding his sack of presents in his right hand and he’s wearing a warm Santa hat on his head. This coloring picture is available for all boys and girls to download for free. Simply print out the PDF template and the fun of painting and handicrafts can begin.

Coloring picture – Christmas tree

Very nice coloring picture, with a decorated Christmas tree, which was decorated with candles, Christmas balls, tie rods and a big star. Under the Christmas tree are three gifts that have been decorated with bows. With one click on the coloring page you can download this Christmas picture for free and color it in with your colored pencils.

Snow globe with fawn

We offer you a very nice Christmas motif to color in on this PDF coloring page. A winter snow globe with a small fawn and fine snowflakes is shown. This coloring picture is available for all children to download free of charge.

Santa Clause coloring pages

Children can print out this Christmas coloring page with Santa Clause carrying a sack full of presents on his back for free and color it in with lots of colorful pens.

Coloring page Christmas balls

Christmas balls, stars and candy canes are hung on the Christmas tree by children and their parents every year. You can also find these Christmas motifs on our coloring page, which you can print out for free. This Christmas picture is also very suitable as a window color template to decorate the windows of the children’s room during the Christmas season.

Coloring page bells

Especially in the Christmas season, bells spread a wonderful mood of contemplation. You can not only hear the bells from the church towers, but also on our coloring page the bells with the ribbon ring in the Advent season in an atmospheric way. The coloring picture can be printed out for free and then colored in with many bright colors. This Christmas motif can also be used as a template as a window color picture.

Coloring page of Santa Claus with his sleigh


The story of Santa Claus, who with his sleigh and reindeer brings the presents to the children through the chimney on Christmas Day, is especially popular in America. But even with us, many children know this Christmas story and Santa Claus is becoming increasingly popular as a Christmas motif. You can use this free coloring page to color Santa Claus at work. Simply click on the large coloring picture and the Christmas picture is ready to be downloaded for free.

Gifts coloring pages

Whether for Christmas under the Christmas tree or on a birthday, gifts are always something very special for children. As with our coloring picture, these are usually wrapped in wrapping paper and decorated with beautiful bows. Our coloring page is still a bit colorless. So just click on the large picture, print it out and color in with lots of colored pens or Window Color colors.

Gifts for children for Christmas coloring pages


The most beautiful day in every child’s life is Christmas Day. Where Santa Claus and his reindeer bring gifts to the children. Just like on this coloring page, which you can download or print out as a free coloring picture. What will be in the big Christmas present that the boy is holding in his hand? Toys, books, something to do handicrafts or maybe clothes!

Coloring pages Christmas balls

Only with the colorful Christmas balls does a Christmas tree turn into a very special Christmas tree. Some Christmas tree balls have also been artistically painted and show small Christmas motifs. Like our coloring picture, where a snowman is standing in front of a little house. If you want to print out this Christmas coloring page, all you have to do is click on the large template and the coloring picture is ready for you to download.

Coloring page Christmas tree

Coloring picture on the theme of Christmas. The Christmas tree should not be missing at Christmas. All children are happy to find many presents under the Christmas tree. If you want to color this Christmas tree in bright colors, then print out the free coloring page. For example, you could paint Christmas presents under the tree or other nice things. This free template is also wonderfully suitable as a window image (Window Color image).

Coloring page Christmas reindeer

Christmas is a mysterious time. Not only that the stars twinkle particularly brightly in the sky during Advent, like on this coloring picture. But if you look closely, you can see a reindeer on some nights pulling Santa’s sleigh. If you want to print out this free coloring page of the reindeer, please click on the large Christmas picture.

Christmas – Santa Claus – free coloring page for kids

It’s Christmas time again and Santa Claus also needs to be dressed up for Christmas. As you can see, he also has a great gift in his hands. You probably know what Santa Claus looks like! You can also paint a Christmas tree in this coloring page. Have a nice Christmas time and get in the mood for it with this coloring picture to print out.

Coloring page Christmas present

In order to be able to print out the coloring picture with the gift and the gift bow and then color it in, you have to click on the large coloring page. The window color images will then be opened in a new window as a PDF file.

Christmas bells – Coloring picture to print out


Color-in picture for Christmas time with two Christmas bells tied with a large bow. This coloring page is available for you to print out and color in as a PDF file for free.

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